Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Sunny Side

Something funny happened the past few weeks. My life took over my attention from cancer. With a move, a new job, and summer activities, cancer (and more specifically my late side effects,) sometimes take a back seat.

It's both exciting and scary. If I forget about fighting cancer, and start enjoying ice cream and beer, am I risking my life? It's kind of like the war on terror. Most of my fellow New York City residents no longer wonder if a passing plane is headed for a skyscraper, yet clearly the risk still exists.

Chemobabe posted today about the post-treatment depression so many of us go through. I am a big fan of special support groups for post-treatment patients, but they are hard to find. Also Hester Hill Schnipper's book, (located in the Amazon widget to the right,) is a big help and a good place to get started.

Much like the weather, my sunny skies are still vulnerable to pop-up showers of fear and concern. But some days....cue the music...I can see clearly.


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