Tuesday, March 19, 2013

"Bridget Jones with Breast Cancer"

Buy the bookTwo years ago I wrote my original review of "The C Word" Lisa Lynch's memoir of early-stage breast cancer. It was a treat of a book with a cupcake on the front. I really enjoyed Lisa's irreverent, Chick-Brit-Lit style of writing.

I continued to follow her cheeky blog. Lisa's cancer became "secondary" moving to bones and brains, and coping with it became the center of her life.

Last year her blog and twitter feed went silent. Last week we got the news Lisa had passed.

Lisa was a pro, she would have been a literary success without cancer, and it was a treat reading her.


There is still a BBC tv movie adaptation on the way, I am so sorry she didn't live to see it.

Someone's been blogging in my house

In the year following by breast cancer diagnosis this site was a big priority for me. I was an out of work journalist, I really believed that there was a place for a digital hub for breast cancer news, writing, and social connections.

There probably still is.

But as my health improved there were chances to go back to my career as a local news anchor and reporter. I also started my own business that has nothing to do with cancer.

Someday the tools to create the perfect website for breast cancer will be affordable. When Deb and I took meetings the cost was daunting to do what we wanted.

At somepoint I switched joinourloop.blogspot.com to a snappier domain, breastcancerloop.org.

Today I realized that March 8th someone else bought up that domain. They started their own site, which has plenty of videos. Whatever.

Honestly stealing a web domain from a cancer patient is kind of cruddy karma.

To be honest I am annoyed but not crushed. I kind of saw my will to consistently write about BC slip away.

In November, I attended the Breast Cancer Research Foundations excellent symposium, and the next day I got so busy with work I never had time to write a post. I still have the press releases in my bag.

So I'll still check in here from time to time, I will still tweet and retweet on Twitter where I seem to have a larger audience.

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Magic Hour

 A remarkable video about a woman with stage 4 cancer and her dream trip to Paris.