Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Someone's been blogging in my house

In the year following by breast cancer diagnosis this site was a big priority for me. I was an out of work journalist, I really believed that there was a place for a digital hub for breast cancer news, writing, and social connections.

There probably still is.

But as my health improved there were chances to go back to my career as a local news anchor and reporter. I also started my own business that has nothing to do with cancer.

Someday the tools to create the perfect website for breast cancer will be affordable. When Deb and I took meetings the cost was daunting to do what we wanted.

At somepoint I switched joinourloop.blogspot.com to a snappier domain, breastcancerloop.org.

Today I realized that March 8th someone else bought up that domain. They started their own site, which has plenty of videos. Whatever.

Honestly stealing a web domain from a cancer patient is kind of cruddy karma.

To be honest I am annoyed but not crushed. I kind of saw my will to consistently write about BC slip away.

In November, I attended the Breast Cancer Research Foundations excellent symposium, and the next day I got so busy with work I never had time to write a post. I still have the press releases in my bag.

So I'll still check in here from time to time, I will still tweet and retweet on Twitter where I seem to have a larger audience.

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