Tuesday, December 7, 2010


There has already been a lot written about Elizabeth Edwards and her death from breast cancer. Here is a link to a story that really described her best qualities.


Here is a link to a really interesting essay by a cancer survivor.


I am hoping that someone makes this a teachable moment about metastatic breast cancer
I watched several network reports tonight that said she died of cancer, but barely mentioned the word breast.

I really do think that there is some confusion about the fact that BC can move out of the breast into the rest of the body, and that is when the disease can be fatal.

What Elizabeth's passing shows is that that being famous, or smart, or powerful is no protection against this disease. We have seen so many prominent women overcome breast cancer recently, but the truth is that this disease can kill any of us.

Edwards didn't want to be described as "losing her battle with cancer," and I give her a lot of credit for this. It is a tired metaphor.

Cancer is not a prize fight that can be won with a punch. Some of us have cancer that responds to treatment well, others are not as lucky.

Edwards wanted to be remembered for how she lived not how she died. I don't blame her.


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