Friday, February 18, 2011

Pain management in breast cancer patients or "My dark night of the soul"

Another great post from Hollye.

I too had terrible pain management in the hospital. In the AM when the surgeons made rounds I was on the drip. It was all good.

Then after having the IV removed it all went to hell. I called and pushed buttons. No help.

I called my surgeon's office sobbing. I waited agonizing hours for the doctor who had more important cases. Exciting surgeries. Why worry about some boring breast cancer patient.

I suspect they felt...oh it's just her breasts, no big deal.

So here is the only magic word I know.
Page the supervisor.
In fact ask for the supervisor's name before you need it.

My worst memory is the first night at home.

I remember waiting all night, wondering if I would go to shock before 5 AM. I wondered if I would live.  I didn't want to wake up a surgeon in the middle of the night who would be operating the next day. Miraculously I fell asleep at 4 A.M. and woke, still alive at 7 A.M.

Why our pain is so disregarded I will never know. Ask your surgeon how your pain will be managed. Who to contact if the nurses do not do their job. Anne, the author of 
had a similar experience.

Enough is enough.

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