Sunday, November 6, 2011

Betty Crocker Cancer? Or the best book I never meant to buy

So I opened up a package one day at work and was totally surprised. I occasionally have been known to order a book late at night, and this time I had made a mistake.

The book was the Betty Crocker Living with Cancer Cookbook!

Honestly I was kind of caught off guard. Betty and cancer seemed like an odd combination.

So I turned the book in it's Amazon packaging upside down and used it to prop up my keyboard for about a year.

I finally took it home and opened it up, and I was actually impressed!

It has a lot of recipes that are geared towards people in treatment, and it even takes into consideration the fact that a patient may not have much energy to cook. It also has great little tips from an oncologist with almost all the recipes.

It is not a diet cookbook, some of the recipes are geared to help patients gain weight, something most breast cancer patients are trying to avoid, but it has a nice combination of simple and very simple dishes.

Oh yes, you can even buy it via our Amazon store! (Heck they have it used!)

They even have a pink version, but again I bought this by accident, and even I am not that good.

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