Thursday, August 26, 2010

Take this duck and......

O.K. you don't get a whole lot of angry posts from me but here it goes. Yesterday the rep from a "supplemental" insurance company visited my workplace. One of the things they offer is cancer insurance. If you get cancer it helps pay for little things like time lost at work, transportation to treatments, etc. I was a freelancer and the past year it would have been good to have.

So I go into see the rep, I say I am interested in cancer insurance.

The rep starts blabbling to me about how awful cancer is, and how many people he knows died of it, and on and on. To shut him up I say, "I get it I had breast cancer last year."

Rep: Oh because of what you just shared with me,we can't insure you for 5 years. But if your husband would like a policy.....

So I am told how awful and deadly my condition is, therefor they will not help me. Nice!

Oh no supplemental disability for me, no life insurance for me, not from them at least. I really wanted to tell him what to do with his plucky mallard mascot.


  1. How infuriating and ridiculous! I bet if he had had cancer, he would totally get it. The salesperson is a conniving no-gooder.

  2. thank you! BTW I am going to put your post up on Wednesday!