Thursday, January 13, 2011

Personality + Reconstruction = Quality of Life?

I am really interested to hear what y'all think of this next article.

It says certain personality types have better quality of life after reconstruction.

Apparently there is an up side to being "self-centered!"

Maybe it all made more sense in Italian?


  1. They're making some awfully strong sweeping generalizations from a "study" of 57 participants. My 2 cents.

  2. I agree with Dawn. Very small study group with huge conclusions. As I went through all the testing, chemo, mastectomy, radiation, etc., it did become ALL ABOUT ME! I do believe it becomes that for everyone who is going through a "fight or die" illness. And the word "vindictive" kind of bothered me. Did they mean vindictive towards the disease, or vindictive towards. . . . who knows what. . . . God, family, the whole world, themselves??? They needed to define all this a little better. I feel vindictive. But I feel it is a positive trait in that, I would like to help others going through this, encourage, be informative, tell my story, etc., etc., so that they will not have the fears I did or make the mistakes I did. Does this make any sense?????

    And self-centered??? Every woman who goes through this becomes self-centered to some extent. You HAVE to be just to get up in the morning, get dressed and go back for more chemo or more radiation, or to walk into a hospital for a mastectomy!!!!! Isn't any fight for your life a self-centered thing?

    Just my two cents here!

  3. I don't really buy into this study. Maybe people feeling more confident post-reconstruction is due to no longer feeling deformed. The study just seems sketchy.