Sunday, May 22, 2011

Share your favorite breast cancer blog, article, or link!

Every once in a while I wonder how to make this blog more relevant. I have been blogging for 18 months now, when I was in treatment it was almost a full time job. Now that I have a full time job, it's more of a hobby.

I feel like I used to find great stuff via web searches, now everything looks the same to me. I loved having contributors, but nobody writes for free forever for someone else's blog.

I still believe there is a future out there in a electronic news site for women with breast cancer. I noticed a really snazzy site called "The Fix" for people with addiction. Maybe someday Loop can be like that. Perhaps someone else will do it, but I still believe in having a publication of some sort that covers all the breast cancer charities, activities, and stories out there.

We also have an amazing archive of stories...and I promise to work more on that in the future. They are listed on the "Best of Loop" page.

So my email is Feel free to send your favorite blog, website, or even an article.



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  1. Here's an informative video concerning a new generation of people aware breast cancer knows no gender. See what is doing.



  3. My breast cancer blog is:

  4. There is a prevention vaccine and a cure but none listens dr needs funding he has 100% cure rate in mice,its not over night.success its been in works for 8 sad i have.breast cancer i am dying and noone cares. M

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