Friday, June 8, 2012


I feel kind of ashamed I have not posted in more than a month.

I spent a remarkable evening with some of my favorite support group alums that I will talk about later.

One thing that came up is the shift in care as we begin to rack up the years post-diagnosis.

My radiation oncologist says she does not need to really see me any more.

A friend has been told she will be transitioned into the "survivor" program at her cancer center.

It's odd, just as we get used to the system, good at dealing with it, it's time for the next step.

For the past two years nearly all my vacation days have been for or surrounding medical appointments.

It was just the way it had to be, parts of our lives get pushed aside by cancer, now we have to find our way back.

This disease, if you are lucky, starts as a physical game, but shifts to a mental one.

When I am out in the civilian world sometimes I feel a little out of place, this experience has shaped how I see my life, there is so much we go through that is hard to explain.

Cancer took a huge bite out of my identity, now it's time to start getting it back.

What were your transitions like? Did you get back to being your "old self" or become someone new?

Post and discuss!

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