Sunday, September 2, 2012

Cancerversary #3

O.K. I am actually a day late on this which is perhaps some sort of progress, I actually mixed up what day my cancerversary falls on.

Just for laughs here is my post from the first year.

This time of year is such a time of transition, back to school, summer to fall, political conventions, hurricanes, the US Open, even the Zydeco festival in Opeselousas, Louisana.

So here is what I remember.

Somehow in my first two weeks as a cancer patient I made it to Louisiana, California, and the US Open in Queens.

I came back from the national SPJ Convention in Indy on Sunday, took a day to recover on Monday, and went for my follow-up mammogram on Tuesday, which turned out to also be an ultrasound and the "area of concer" bomb.

Biopsy Wednesday. Ouch!

Thursday I decided it was now or never on Louisana, booked a ticket, Flew to Louisiana  Friday, Danced my rear off and ate everything in sight Saturday, got home Sunday, no memories of Monday, cancer call first thing Tuesday.

Some poor radiologist, comes back from Labor Day weekend and gets the job of calling women to tell them they have cancer. That's gotta suck. How many times a day does he have to make that call?

Sorry, cancer cells in biopsy, you'll need a PET scan and MRI ASAP. Talk about upselling!

Somehow I made it out to the US Open that next week and I set off the nuclear radiation detectors following my PET scan.

I was running on adrenaline.

I went to a wedding in California that weekend, and due to rain delays even made it to the final to see Juan Martin del Potro win the men's championship over Roger Federer the next day.

It was a crazy, improbable victory, and at the time that is what I needed to see at the time. I remember a group of Argentines dancing for joy.

I realize this is sounding more like a moldy version of Tennis Magazine than a breast cancer blog, but here is the thing, I never go to the finals, too rich for my blood, but that year I went because I thought I might never have another chance.

Fortunately I did.

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