Monday, June 14, 2010

Maura Tierney's comeback takes her to new ABC legal drama

More good news for one of our favorite celebrities, Maura Tierney. The former "ER" actress had to drop out of NBC's "Parenthood" to undergo treatment for breast cancer. I've always felt it was kind of a shame because I think Parenthood is a pretty good show. I did get to catch Tierney's performance on stage here in New York City in the Wooster Group's "North Atlantic. Here is a link to my review.

I saw the show at a time I was really struggling with some late side effects and seeing her full of energy on stage gave me a boost.

According to published reports, Maura's new show is called "The Whole Truth" and will co-star Rob Morrow, best known for "Northern Exposure." It's scheduled to debut in the fall. You go girl!


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