Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Study says: relaxation and coping skills help patients with breast cancer recurrence live longer

I have a deep admiration for people who can learn not to sweat the small stuff after cancer. However I am still a work in progress. As much as my husband would like me to be as serene as a yoga guru, I still get worked up from time to time. So I have mixed feelings about the following article from the Columbus Dispatch. On one hand anything breast cancer women can do that helps their survival is a good thing. However I must admit, it's a lot of pressure not to get stressed out!



  1. Lots and lots of chocolate - that's my trick. :)

  2. It's a daily struggle to push the "what ifs" to the back of our mind. My husband has this amazing ability to "not borrow trouble." Wish I knew how he did that--he does, too. If breast cancer survivors live to be 120 yrs old, I imagine every one of us will still have that "what if" lurking there somewhere, waiting to keep us from truly enjoying our day.

    One way I fight against the what ifs is to get outside of myself and do something that's focused on other people. The other way is by asking God for help.

    Brenda Coffee