Friday, June 18, 2010

My breast cancer/sports report

O.K. just like in my TV news days, it's time now for sports! (Somehow it works better when you have a cute sportcaster to exchange witty banter with.) Let's go to the...links?

First up, I'm giving Fox Sports props for their support of the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. The organization doesn't have the highest media profile, but they do great work and devote a very high percentage of their donations to research.

Next up, great little story about a ball game between legislators and reporters to benefit the Young Survival Coalition, another terrific charity, and one that has personally helped me.

I loved this "behind the scenes" article about Marina Navratilova, still red from radiation, playing and broadcasting at the French Open.

And finally, I've met Deanna Favre several times, she is extremely gracious, and I have to say I got a kick out of the Pink Ribbon Edition of the Madden football video game, which benefits her breast cancer foundation.

So, keeping with the newscast theme, I'll kick this with video of water skiing squirrels.

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  1. This weekend is "Skate for the Cure" in Columbus OH. Big rink. Big names. Big do-ings.
    How'd ya miss that one, oh all-seeing WonderWoman?? Big hugs for all that you're doing to share a broader-world with the rest of us. (Did ya catch that? Broader? TeeHee.)