Sunday, March 6, 2011

Kimberly Estrada's Big Pink Wedding

I was just watching "My Fair Wedding" and was touched by the episode.

Vice-Principal Kimberly Estrada was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer, at the age of 30,  and wanted her experience reflected in her big, pink, rose filled wedding.

I give her a lot of credit, I'm not sure I would have been comfortable with breast cancer awareness as the theme of my wedding, but she is a great spokesperson for the fact that breast cancer happens to young women.

I really did tear up as during her vows, she talked about her treatment and how her love is the reward for all the pain she went through.

Another moving moment was when arrived at a wig store to get a really lovely new wig. I am guessing that she was one of the women who never gets back all her hair after chemo, since she says that she is six years out from treatment.

WE TV has a nice page about breast cancer including links to information on depression and employment rights.

Kimberly and her husband and now pursuing surrogate motherhood. Here is her website.

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