Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Viewer Mail

Here is a piece of viewer mail that caught my eye!

Hi there!

I found you through Save the TaTa's site.  I'm a comedian and a breast cancer survivor, so a wrote a funny, frank show about it that I perform in NYC and I'll be performing it in LA this month.  It was named The Best Solo Show of 2010 by Time Out NY magazine and I was nominated an ECNY (Excellence in Comedy New York) award for Best One Person Show. (I'll find out on Monday, if I won!)  I would really love for other survivors to come to the show.  I'm really trying to get the word out to them.  I was hoping you could post something on your site.  

here's a link to the NY show page which has reviews and a short clip of the show
here's the LA show page

I saw the show was really really funny. The audience was not really cancer people either, so it's great that Pam is reaching a larger audience. I will write more soon.


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  1. I saw this tonight and I will try to write more. It was soooo funny!