Friday, July 8, 2011

Action, Action, We Want Action

A-C-T... clap clap clap.... I-O-N

Remember that cheer from the high school basketball sidelines?

Apparently Komen is changing breast cancer awareness month to breast cancer action month!

It's kind of a savvy move, and shows that Komen is picking up on some subtle changes in the breast cancer community.

Some might say they are simply co-opting the sharper message of other cancer groups.

A few weeks ago I saw "The Normal Heart" on Broadway.

The play is a fascinating look at the beginning of the AIDS crisis, and was especially poignant, because the performance I saw took place as the New York State Legislature was just days from legalizing same-sex marriage.

But I digress, what it really showed me was how intense and fractious the fight for any sort of AIDS awareness was in the 1980's.

So here is the thing. I don't think all breast cancer survivors and organizations have to be on the same page.

If some women feel a more political organization suits their attitudes, that's a good thing.

Stirring things up is probably to the benefit of all of us. But, I still think some of the traditional events and campaigns also have a place.

So what sort of action do you want to see?


  1. Komen's name change of Pinktober might be a very faint signal, but the proof will be in whether there are changes to Program spending, disassociation with Pinkwashers, and a recalibration of it's mission to ultimately close it's doors, all of which might be a good start.

    Given the power of social media, I'd really like to see more people blogging, tweeting, face booking, and engaging in discussion about all of the issues affecting breast cancer today. What we need is a two-way dialogue, not a one-sided mantra dictated by a trademarked pink ribbon. Question, question, question.

  2. P.s. There is a new tweet chat on Mondays at 9pm EST on all things breast cancer. To join the discussion just add #bcsm to your tweets. I think it's the start of something really wonderful......

  3. What Anna said....

    I want to see organizations with deep pockets give a huge percentage of their profits to breast cancer research -- particularly for metastatic disease. These individuals are all but forgotten, while the poster gals for breast cancer are the triumphant survivors.

  4. well this is not for make any discussion, this for stop talking and take action for help all woman around the world and do a very big movement