Tuesday, July 5, 2011

How do you get away from it all?

This is the longest I've been without an update.

I have been busy with work and some summer fun.

It's funny, I was in the middle of a fun social  moment, and a discussion of cancer came up. My sweet hubby tried to change the topic, wanting a bit of a holiday from cancer chat.

Perfectly reasonable, and something I need to be aware of.

However for me, especially as I struggle through the "lymphedema summer" there is really never a break.

While I don't constantly obsess about recurrence, I am constantly watching my arm, protecting it from heat, bugs, scrapes, the works.

So cyber-friends does the cancer watch never stop, or have you discovered ways for your mind to escape?


image from sarajaned.com


  1. I don't feel that I talk about my breast cancer as much as I used to. But it is always on my mind, or very close to my mind. Like you, my lymphedema causes me to have to remain vigilant. And of course when someone notices a scar, or says something that triggers a memory... it all comes rushing to my brain and bubbles on my lips. I try to gauge my audience before I launch into a tirade these days but it doesn't always work. I used to fear upsetting people or getting on their nerves by talking about it too much. I don't fear that anymore but I do try to remain conscious that for many people, breast cancer is a monster they simply are not trying to face.

  2. Nicole thank you for the thoughtful comment!