Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Giuliana Rancic Shares Body Image Struggles After Breast Cancer and Mastectomy

I have to admit until last night I never thought much about Giuliana Rancic's breast cancer journey.

Her initial reveals on TV seemed a touch unrealistic. I think many celebrities want to send a positive, "get that screening" message out so they don't share their actual hardships.

Kylie Minogue is a wonderful exception, griping about the side effects of Tamoxifen,

I don't begrudge anyone their path, but when I hear about people playing in Grand Slams or performing on Broadway through treatment, I feel like an under achiever.

Initially, Giuliana seemed so certain cancer would not effect her baby plans, and so quick to return to work I had a tough time relating to her.

Sometimes I feel like the world expects all of us to bounce back in a jiffy.

I feel awful writing this, but I was in a sense relieved when Carly Fiorina had to go public with her infection. People don't realize that infections are a common side effect, and at least I could kind of point to her and explain. I felt like my co-workers had a point of reference.

But back to our impossibly slender, fashionable survivor Giuliana.

Last night for some reason I ended up watching the E! True Hollywood Story about her, and kind of changed my take on her. Yes, she has one perky positive attitude but is seems more sincere and realistic. Like most of us she took time to grown into this new reality.

I give her a lot of credit for this clip.

Gosh I remember switching bra after bra trying to get comfortable, and all the fashion compromises. I actually accepted a journalism award a few weeks after radiation and heavens, in the photo I look AWFUL. I couldn't really wear a bra yet and in what was supposed to be my big moment was left awkwardly flopping around.

Bless Giuliana for showing the world that dealing with breast cancer can mean a million mundane yet frustrating struggles.

By the way Giuliana & Bill is on the Style Network. Silly me I kept looking for it on E!

Style network now has a breast cancer information page.


  1. I have just written a blog on whether we have lost the concept of convalescing and instead need to prove how invincible we are . I think it's a linked message and seems to resonate with others too.

    1. Thank you Audrey...feel free to post the link!

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