Monday, April 23, 2012

Lucky Hubby?

I don't post a whole lot about my relationship with my husband, but we had kind of a fight about something sort of breast cancer related.

We were watching a story about a car that hit some people on a street in New York City.

Someone in the story said the victims were lucky to be alive. It rubbed me the wrong way.

Having dealt with cancer, and pain, I understand how even a minor injury can totally impact a person's quality of life.

I would never say that someone who got hit by a car while walking down the street was lucky.

I wonder if they will have scars, back pain, medical bills.

When people say I am lucky my cancer wasn't worse, it really frustrates me.

Don't get me wrong, I am grateful for the positive aspects of my prognosis. I am happy I have good doctors. I am so glad to have insurance. Most of all I am amazingly fortunate to have my wonderful, supportive spouse.

A spouse who feels lucky I am still around. But I still struggle with the word.

I save lucky for the people walking around on the street who don't have cancer and didn't get hit by a car.

Anyhow, on a husband related note, this article really hits home.


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  2. I totally get it. It really gets my ire up when people tell me how lucky I was to have the good cancer. Ridiculous. Breast cancer takes a mighty toll on us all.