Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Airports prove turbulent for breast cancer survivors

I guess not everyone is aware.

This is a blog post from a woman who was treated very poorly by the TSA at JFK.


I have never been through anything close to this, but I have had my own awkward moments. Back when I was Kineso tape queen a screener asked me what it was and almost started crying when I told her.

On the way home from YSC a friend with a head scarf got an odd comment from the ID checker.

At one point in my recovery I really did need the extra minute to get on the plane, and I was sort of brushed off by the gate attendant.

Perhaps one solution is to find out the most pink ribbon sweatshirt you can. So far the terrorists don't have a partnership with Komen.

BTW the TSA was quoted in the NYT as saying they work with breast cancer groups. 

I would love to know more.

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  1. I am so exciting for this article but I hope airlines is not just promoting the color and they help this mama's cancer foundation