Saturday, October 1, 2011

The Hunt for Pink October

I finally had a chance to go shopping today, and I am seeing a lot less breast cancer awareness merchandise.

I realize some of you will feel good about that, and some will be distressed. I am just surprised. I wanted to grab a few things since my Making Strides walk is tomorrow.

Sears: Nothing

Wal-Mart: only some pink ribbon scrubs. They may have had greeting cards somewhere.

Target: Nothing I could see

Old Navy: a few Komen T-shirts. Some exercise clothes with pink trim.

Kohl's: nothing

Michael's Crafts:  two displays of pink ribbon merchandise, only the duct tape was endorsed by Breast Cancer Research Foundation

CVS: Komen Sunglasses, 20 cent donation for each item.

Even the Estee Lauder counter did not have pink ribbons to give away.

The Hallmark store had a miserable little display, almost none of the items indicated any charity relationship. (The I Love Boobies bracelets are the only possible exception, and I consider them to be more like the ACLU now.) Honestly it looked like last year's leftovers.

So what happened?

Is this a good thing?


  1. Walmart had all kinds of crazy pink crap on parade including Komen potted plants and pink Energized batteries. It's coming, don't worry...

  2. Felicia...thanks for commenting. I wonder if it's regional.