Sunday, October 30, 2011

Breast Cancer Awareness Month Wrap-up

This year's breast cancer awareness month ended with snow for some of us.

It was an interesting month.

Personally, two years out, it was a bit easier to take.

It also seemed a bit less merchandised. (A bit, not a lot.)

I was very pleased the see New York's AG go after "pink ribbon scams." Phony charities, and pink ribbon products that are misleading.

Here is an idea.

Stores, don't sell pink ribbon merchandise if at least a respectable percent of profits do not go to a reputable charity.

Seriously, consumers are not the only ones who need to "think when they pink." Retailers can take a big role as well.

Target? You are in Minnesota! You have the most media-friendly policy of a retail chain. I love you for that! Wanna bite? Take a pledge?

I do think that the pink ribbon backlash became a hot topic this year, and while I am not personally anti-pink, any thoughtful debate of the issues benefits us all.

Metastatic breast cancer seemed to get more press in October of 2011. At work I got one press release offering a MBC Satellite Media Tour.

I realize for some of you, nothing short of cutting the pink ribbon will be enough. But I also think there is a middle road, and we took some important steps on it this year.

One last thought. A few months ago I saw "The Normal Heart", a play about the birth of AIDS activism. That movement wasn't always pretty.

For those of you who feel we need something more direct than BCA month, there is a whole year ahead.


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