Sunday, October 16, 2011

Pink promotions: the wheat from the chaff

So I have seen a few pink ribbon promotions that are "bettter than average"
Ann Taylor Loft has a deal where your can buy a 20% off coupon for $25. 90% goes to BCRF.

I think this is smart, first of all BCRF uses a very high percent of donations for research, also except for the card and folder, it does not require manufacturing special pink items. Smaller carbon footprint perhaps? I bought a skirt and jeans that I would have bought anyway.

The also have a line of special shirts, but they were not quite my cup of tea. They had some special fashion jewelry as well.

I still wonder who will take my challenge to have a FRESH VEGETABLE pink promotion. Seriously Komen, pick up the phone and call the broccoli guild or cauliflower growers. Go for it!!!!

Till that happens, there is a Komen Green Giant promotion.

Komen does offer fresh flower bouquets that include a donation at at least some Weis Markets.

On the flip side, I am surprised that Hard Rock Cafe is using the name "Pink October" for their promotions. Isn't that kind of our little derogatory term?

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  1. I love all kind of discounts but what I do not like is the people make marketing with something that is not the main meaning of the color