Sunday, March 21, 2010

Caitlin's Story

Editor's note: I'm not proud to admit before I had breast cancer, it was not really on my radar. I may have attended a charity event, or participated in a public service campaign at my TV station, but mostly I tried to avoid thinking about it. 
Now as a survivor, I am so glad more people are not like I was. I am truly thankful for women like Caitlin Thayer who give their time, energy, and talent to help fight this disease. In this essay she tells us why.

Often when I walk into the Komen Connecticut office I think that if I had the privilege to work here that I would wake up every day excited, knowing that I work for one of the greatest organizations in the country. I look at the very dedicated staff of three (yes, three) that serve the entire state of Connecticut and shake my head at the amazing job they do. I’m happy to be joining them as a volunteer for the 2010 Race for the Cure in Hartford. Last year I volunteered on the day of the event and had such an amazing time and immediately said that I wanted to be more involved. So here I am, on the Marketing Committee and named the Social Media Chair.

Everyone also asks me why I’m so involved with Komen and breast cancer awareness. That was a popular question when I was walking the 3-day last year: “So you’re a survivor?” No… “Did your mom or grandma have breast cancer?” Well, no… “Then how come you’re so involved?” It’s not a rude question, just a curious one. I understand that people tend to gravitate towards charitable causes that they have a deeply personal and intimate connection to. Once a family member, friend or they personally are afflicted with a disease or disorder, THEN they get involved. Well, I get involved now so that I hopefully won’t have to worry about my family, friends or myself down the road. And I happen to have a deeply personal and intimate connection with my boobs; they are a part of my being and I would really like them to stay that way. I think that’s reason enough!

So I give in any way I can! I happen to be a social media fanatic so this year social media will be my contribution to the Race for the Cure 2010. But I’m also a Team Captain and a Town Captain for Race for the Cure and a Boston 3-day walker! Komen is an organization that as an individual I really feel like I’m making a contribution and a difference. As an organization that was started by one woman, it makes you feel like you can do anything! And my anything is helping find a cure for breast cancer!

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Caitlin Thayer is the owner of Thayer Consulting, a group specializing in non-profit and small business social media marketing. She is a graduate of Clark University in Worcester, MA with a degree in History. When she's not in the Komen office she's usually reading a book, running or walking (training for the 3-day!), playing softball or sitting behind her computer on Facebook.


  1. Thank you so much for sharing this! What an interesting perspective...getting involved with a breast cancer organization so you'll be prepared later down the road. We're always thankful for those who lend their time even though they haven't been affected by breast cancer personally!

  2. YUFJBBC thank you for the comment!

  3. What an asset to have women like Caitlin as part of the loop! Thank you -- please join the healthcare/social media discussion and meet more social media fanatics on Sunday nights, at 8 pm CDT. Use the hashtag #hcsm!

    Thanks again1