Monday, March 22, 2010

The Health Care Post

I thought long and hard about how or what to write about the health care debate, and the legislation that was voted on in the United States House of Representatives last night.

First, as a professional journalist,  I have to be very careful about editorializing on political issues. (This is just Suzanne talking by the way, Deb can write what ever she likes.)

Second I try to be conscious of the fact that breast cancer, is not a Democratic, Republican, or Libertarian disease. It's an equal opportunity disaster.

Still, I am hopeful today. Dealing with any cancer is a nightmare. If you are uninsured it's even worse. When I read the stories of what women in that situation have to deal with, on top of enduring treatment, it breaks my heart.

One example, this article by Herald News reporter Deborah Allard.

It follows the story of Jennifer Martin, a Young Survival Coalition member with stage 4 cancer.

Every single day I give thanks for my insurance. My husband gets a big kiss every night. But we still wonder what if? What happens if we run out of jobs with insurance and COBRA coverage?

I hope that what ever our elected officials deliver makes life for all cancer patients a little less scary.


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