Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Study says: Massage benefits breast cancer patients

There are quite a few programs offering free yoga to breast cancer patients, I have not found any for massage. Perhaps this study will help get the ball rolling. The authors say massage lowers stress levels in breast cancer patients, meaning less anger, anxiety, depression, and fatigue.
I will mention some physical therapy practices can be an excellent and affordable alternative to a spa or salon. 
Massage schools are another option. Here is the article from MassageToday.com.
(One of the fun parts of blogging is just discovering these sources are out there.)

Doing a little more research on the subject I found one link on essential-oil.com, about essential oils and cancer. I don't know how strong the science is to back it up, but it may be something worth investigating.

photo from essential-oil.com

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  1. I'm surprised this study wasn't published earlier! It seems obvious that massage would lower stress and fatigue. I'm glad it's finally been done and hopefully we'll see some of the same programs that are available for massage as for yoga, as you mentioned! Thanks for finding this Suzanne!