Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Fox News reporter talks about her treatment for triple negative breast cancer

This video "package" is pretty compelling.  Jennifer Griffin shares her experience with the camera (often operated by her 7 year old daughter.) She also has some advice for women in the same situation.


  1. not sure what this means, but it caught my eye on Tweetdeck as I was found to have 4 different kinds of cells all am on clinical trials with my group going straight to hormones..."Arimidex' is what I am on...the other group is doing chemo first then on to hormones...been on this since about last June and so far the dr gives me good wishes to the Triple gal...I will join your loop as soon as I find our how and where if it is free...:) (Jan from WI.)

  2. Hi Jan...this is Suzanne, I used to live in Wisconsin! Loop is free, just read and enjoy,and let others know about it.

    Good luck with your trial!