Saturday, March 13, 2010

The Loop List: Humor Edition

Breast cancer is not cute or funny. Truly we understand that. However, people with cancer or any other illness still have a sense of humor, and some medical professionals even believe there can be a health benefit to laughing. (As long as you don't have stitches. Ironic that.)

I have a real respect for people who incorporate humor into breast cancer awareness, fund raising, or helping patients.

And with that, we kick off a unique edition of the Loop List.

These guys go into the wacky ways to raise money for a cure HALL OF FAME.  They are sort of a Beatles cover band with a breasty twist. I am not ever sure breasty is a word.

The website made me literally laugh out loud. PLUS they are raising money for the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

O.K., this is another one you will just have to see to believe. Dusty Showers is the "second baseman".
He is basically a guy who dresses up in a pink bra to liven up breast cancer fundraisers. I am sure I did not quite explain that right, but he has a youtube channel and more.

This is a comedy tour that is also a Susan G. Komen fund-raiser.
I wanted to feature a book author who writes about breast cancer with humor. There were a lot of choices, there are some jokey cartoon books which have their place.

But Katherine Russell Rich blazed a lot of trails with her book, "The Red Devil." She is a long term stage 4 survivor, and has a new book out about her experiences in India.
And last but not least! Our buddy Chemobabe is selling t-shirts to help pay for her treatment, and shows a lot of moxie with this pose!
Wear these to your next fundraiser and you will stand out in the sea of pink!
Also good for the fetish crowd. 

So live from New York, it's Saturday Night....and that wraps up this weeks's Loop List!



  1. Thanks for the support of the Boobles!
    Your site rocks!

    I'm a survivor and I agree -- comedy and laughing WORK wonders!

  2. Thank you Didi for the great comment!

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