Sunday, April 4, 2010

Breast cancer survivor flies, climbs, models, and more

Ann McHardy's cancer diagnosis inspired her to become a pilot, play polo, dance, climb mountains and more. Sounds like our kind of gal.

ANNE McHARDY has always been a bit of a high-flier - with a top job in the RAF's Air Training Corps.
But it took a diagnosis of breast cancer at the age of 42 to persuade the dedicated career woman it was time to take flight herself.
Mum-of-one Anne, who lives near Glenshee, Perthshire, was determined to make the most of life that she signed up for flying lessons and is now a qualified pilot.
And that's not all - she's also become a go-karting champ and a budding polo player as well as a mountaineer, skier and dancer.
Anne, 48, said: "Since diagnosis, I've changed a lot about my life.
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