Sunday, April 11, 2010

Daisy Reflections

Note from Suzanne: For the past few months my internet buddies and I have been brainstorming what might make Loop really unique. Debbie Clement is someone who defies a simple label. But I will try, Writer/Singer/Educator/Cancer Survivor/Photographer and artist! I will let her do the rest of the explaining from here as she generously shares a project close to her heart.

Music Lady Fun! "The arts have always been my passion, though I am BRAND new to photography and even newer to the concept of "movie-making." Suzanne had suggested that I might contribute some of my photos to LOOP and that started my wheels turning. In January of this year I faced the recovery down-time from a BILAT and having a project to keep me occupied & seated was just what the doctor ordered.

As I continued to grasp the concept of the Movie-Maker program I continued to get better...... on exactly the same time frame, my dear friend and BC mentor "saint" started on her final lap, having dealt with mets for over five years. It is fitting that I can dedicate my first effort to her -- as she was a lover of flowers, music and the arts.

My sincere hope is that the video might be used as a moment of reflection in a busy day, offering calm and a deep breath in the midst of all the decision-making and treatment planning that goes along with this BC journey. I intend to produce copies to have available for individuals who make donations to, the organization that brought us together. "

                                                            Click here to see the video

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