Saturday, April 17, 2010

Martina vs. the Mountain

I was at a support group the other day and we discussed the fact that it is almost impossible to generalize about what any phase of breast cancer treatment will be like for an individual woman.

I have seen people bounce back very quickly from surgery, though unfortunately that has not been my experience. The same goes for chemotherapy, radiation, and reactions to medications. Even after treatment, experience varies. Some women find a new zest for life, some struggle with depression or PTSD, and many find themselves somewhere in the middle.

All of this came to mind when I read the following article about Martina Navratilova's plans to climb Mt. Kilimajaro in December. I hope she is able to go forward, and I will be rooting for her. I love hearing about breast cancer survivors who are inspired to take on new challenges.

On the other hand, Martina, if you are not feeling up to it, I won't think any less of you.

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