Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Maura Tierney's cancer comeback

Maura Tierney didn't choose just any old theater company to make her comeback with. She is currently onstage with the Wooster group, one of the country's most avant garde ensembles. They are best known for scrambled and deconstructed versions of theater classics. One script was famously created by performing "The Crucible" while on psychedelic drugs.

Tierney, best known for her role on NBC's "ER" gave her first interview since her treatment to the New York Times. In the article it is revealed that while she was going through chemotherapy she also had to deal with the death of her father.

In her first interview since undergoing treatment, Ms. Tierney said that she quickly accepted the Wooster Group’s offer, seeing it as a chance to challenge herself physically and artistically after cancer. She said she thought that the theater company’s aesthetic, which emphasizes technical precision and stylized line reading over emotionally wrought acting, was a good fit with her mood at the time.

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