Saturday, January 16, 2010

Breast Cancer Bowl Game?

Putting Loop together I thought I had seen it all....every type of BC event, then I stumbled on this!
Are we ready for some football?
What do you think?
Is this too much pink, or something fresh in fundraising?
Kick off the comments here!
Photo of artwork by James Jaxxa, courtesy Time Out New York


  1. I'm sick of pink (the football's pretty though -- can I have it in a different colour?).

    Companies hop on the pink product bandwagon -- great PR for them! Sure, awareness is good. Increased funding is good. But too much of any marketing leads to numbness, you just filter it out and stop seeing it. Then, some people, including myself before diagnosis, assumed that BC was "curable" -- surely it's a "good" cancer to have with all the research and funding. But when you're like me with metastatic BC and a poor prognosis you just want to shout, "Cancer is not cute, sexy or pink! It stinks"!

  2. Elizabeth, thank you for the thoughtful comment.
    It's funny, I run hot/cold with the pink. Sometimes I find it overwhelming, sometimes I find it touching.
    It really depends on who is behind it.
    All the groceries are a bit much for me.
    But when I see pink skydivers or bowlers,or kids doing a car wash I find it touching.
    At least the bowl game is not in October.