Thursday, January 21, 2010

Survivors in the Snow

OK, I had to write about this because I am a huge fan of snowshoeing.
I snowshoe in the little park near where I live in NYC, which always gets me a lot of looks.
(It's a habit I picked up when I lived in Minnesota), I'm not sure whether I will ever return to cross-country skiing, but snowshoeing can be done even with limitations from surgery.
So I think it's kind of cool that Tubbs snowshoes and Komen have organized this snowy twist on the breast cancer fundraiser.
Their first event is this weekend in New Jersey, there are several dates planned around the USA.
If you take part, let us know, we would love to see your pictures.
Even if you can't make it, if you live someplace snowy, consider giving the sport a try.
Photo from romptostomp blog.

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