Friday, January 8, 2010


  Ah the great facebook bra brouhaha of 2010.  If you noticed some unusual updates on facebook you were not alone.
I actually heard about this from a certain male member of my household who found the whole thing befuddling.
  Women on facebook started posting their bra color as a sort of ad hoc breast cancer awareness campaign, a reminder to do a BSE. Not everyone got it, and there has been some backlash, especially from men who found it confusing.
  But while I listened, and passed the chicken, I was secretly thrilled.
First of all, the poor 'ol breast self exam has fallen out of favor lately. While I understand the reasons why, it is still a method of screening that requires no money, transportation, or technology.
  Also, I must admit I liked the little edge of civil disobedience. A lot of breast cancer women feel there is a need for something more than pretty pink ribbons in October.
Women are angry at seeing their sisters die and don't want to wait 10 months to take action.
  And while yes, Facebook is a business, nobody needed to purchase anything to take part in the "bra color campaign".
  So they may not have saved the world yesterday, the facebook bra ladies sure took a step in an interesting direction.

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