Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Mission possible.

Hey everyone!
We really appreciate all of the visits over the last week. It is so exciting to see our traffic grow and have women all over the world "get in the Loop".
Our plans are to have so much more than a blog, but a web site that includes articles, essays, the best bc content from the web, and a bit of "breaking news", along with a new way to connect with other patients and survivors.
Our goal with the blog is to give you a bit of a preview, and start making connections of our own.

One person asked about our motivation....we are two women who were diagnosed with breast cancer last year, who happen to also be media professionals. We think our sisters deserve the best website they have ever seen.
So as we get ready for the future, we would love to hear from YOU!

If you have breast cancer, what resources are missing on the internet?
What would help you live a better life?
What would you enjoy?
Of our previous posts, what did you like?

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