Saturday, January 9, 2010

Get your beer here?

I was just watching SNL and saw the Lance Armstrong beer commercial, which featured the Livestrong bracelet prominently.
I had to grab tivo...did I see that?
What do you think?
I am really conflicted.
For women with breast cancer alcohol consumption is a risk factor. (Something that seems unfair I admit!)
After reading the most recent studies from San Antonio, I am trying to stick to 2 drinks per week.
On the other hand, it's a beer commercial and Lance is outside having a good time. (Though drinking and biking don't really mix either.) A part of me likes seeing a cancer patient enjoying a normal social setting. While we deal with some pretty tough medical situations, we still like to have fun.
Tweet back or leave your comment here on the blog...should I lighten up on Lance or did he cross a line?
The press release (link)


  1. My vote is to let him enjoy a break from perfection. The message they are trying to convey in the Press release is a connection with real people - you can train hard, but it's not your entire life.

    After following a healthy lifestyle, I have to wonder how breast cancer managed to invade my non-predisposed DNA when I had none of the risk factors. And if anyone is safe. Add insult to injury, I'm a natural healthcare doc and do my best to walk my talk. I went into cancer treatment as a natural-food-and supplement snob. I was swiftly and mercilessly humbled when chemo wrestled for control of my digestive tract, starting with my taste buds.

    Now past chemo, I find balance. Eat healthy 85-90% of the time, exercise regularly and don't overindulge the rest of the time. It lets me feel strong and participate at many levels of celebration. Lance's story has inspired strength in people worldwide. It encourages hope, health, fitness and stimulates cancer awareness, donations and sponsors. Yet his every move is scrutinized. He's an extraordinary person. Taking a break to toss back a cold one reminds us - he's human. I'll drink to that!

  2. Laurie thanks for the thoughtful comment. I have no problem with him enjoying a beer,(I am a former Wisconsin gal!). I don't even mind him endorsing a beer.
    What gave me cause to pause(tivo literally)was the cutaway shot of the livestrong bracelet.
    I feel like without that it would have been ok.
    But I like what you have to say.
    As a natural health care doc do you have any specific suggestions about alcohol consumption. Are any brands better?

  3. The good news is that whatever the reactions, like the bra color episode, it stimulates awareness and conversation on all sides.
    In regard to alcohol (this is not medical advice, just my personal approach), I don't know about "better." Know your limits. MOST important - If you are on any meds at all (even nonprescription, like advil or ibuprofen)check here to make sure there are no interactions with alcohol: hmmm... good tweet :)
    I didn't drink at all from the time of my BC diagnosis until long past chemo & radiation. Whether or not one drinks also depends on health conditions, allergies (i.e. tannins in some wines). This could be a LONG post! Let me know if you need more info; hope that helps.