Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Every night is election night

Back during my TV news days, I always loved election night.The red blazer, the repeat live shots, the energy of folks at "headquarters."

But the best part was the map.

True confession time, I am a geography geek.
I buy maps everywhere I go.
I tell mocking friends and my husband it's a manageable vice, I've never heard of anyone ending up destitute from a map habit.
And on election night I love seeing the states light up on the big red and blue USA graphic.

So what's this got to do with anything?
Well thanks to the good folks at Google, everyday I get to see a map of where our readers are. Over the past few weeks it's been especially fun, since there are so many firsts.
Our first Hawaii!
Our first Alaska! And I was waiting on Florida just like in 2000.

So dear readers, thanks for lighting up my map!
And Louisiana where are you?


  1. I'm so glad your spreading if you will, your red blanket is starting to expand. Congratulations, I hope there's a map for the world....., and down under

  2. A map of the world would be great with all your readers brightly lit!

  3. Ok fun geography fact of the night, Neufchatel my favorite cheese is a town in Canada!

  4. fun geography fact for Dubai they have a collection of man made islands that look like the world.

  5. fun geography fact for saturday, there is a town on the US canada border, where the border runs right down the middle of a residential street.

  6. Ok when President Obama said every day is not election day, I was like, did he read this post?
    13 states still are not in the loop!
    Email your friends in WY,WV, and Louisiana (which is breaking my heart.