Monday, January 11, 2010

The Loop List

Part of the reason we created Loop was to show off the talented writers on the subject of breast here goes our first Loop List.

These first two bloggers are sadly no longer alive, but both left behind dazzling work.
Boy was Karen George one heck of a writer, especially considering her profession was finance.
I even went and read her posts on a board for real estate professionals.
All I can say is, the lady could tell a story. I wish I could let her know personally.
I can't quite explain the connection I feel to Amber.
We have almost nothing in common, she was a young, religious, Mormon mom with a big family.
But I can't think of a patient who's experice had a more profound impact on me. Amber and her husband handled her IBC with amazing grace.
Ann wins the contest for best title hands down!
She and I met on a message board at a time when both of us could just about only write "ouch".
She's great company along the breast cancer path.
I stumbled Nicole's blog on a random Google search. She, too, tells it like it is, facing BC as a single gal. Another must read.
This last page is a few years old, but it has a wealth of links to video. As a former TV reporter I have a lot of respect for Kelley's willingness to open up her journey to the world.

So there is is...the first edition of the Loop list! Who am I missing? Drop us a line.

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