Saturday, February 27, 2010

Bedtime stories

After a fun evening of dancing, (and Atlanta knows how to party), a group of about a dozen of us gathered in one of the hotel's lounges to share snacks and stories.

Most cancer survivors do not like to be told they are strong. Many point out that none of us chose this, we just did what we had to do. So instead I will call my new friends graceful.

The grace to look beautiful with a head of scraggly hair. The grace to comfort a woman terrified of going though treatment. The grace to appreciate someone else's pain and fear, even if they had a smaller tumor or fewer nodes or a better prognosis.

I'll be honest, before I was diagnosed, when I saw a cancer patient, my instinct was to cast my glance in the other direction. I can still understand why someone might find seeing so many young women ill disturbing. But if you look away, you miss the beauty.



  1. Sitting in the lounge with the girls was the best (unofficial) workshop of the conference for me. It was so comforting and informative to be with others who had also heard those life changing have breast cancer. Thanks so much YSC and LBBC for giving us the opportunity to come together.