Friday, February 26, 2010

I knew they were out there

I am sorta kinda speechless.
And that's a lot if you know me.

Yes, I missed registration, I missed the first workshop, and tragically welcome cocktails, but somehow I parted the uprights of a vicious snowstorm and I made it.

Seeing so many women with breast cancer my age and younger is jaw-dropping.
I knew they were out there, but seeing them, seeing US, is another story.
I am a little sad, a little mad, a little happy, and a lot tired. 

The pictures, (and Deb has the camera), are what you would expect, scarves, and wigs, and pink t-shirts of all stripes. But I am so used to being the exception, the person people are surprised has cancer, it's very interesting to just be normal.

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