Friday, February 5, 2010

Breast cancer patients get a helping hand from Reiki massage

According to this story from WCSH-TV in Maine, breast cancer patients say Reiki helps reduce pain and stress.

Better yet they get the treatments for free at the Patrick Dempsey center! It's like a dream come true for Grey's Anatomy fans.

Maybe I should move back to Maine?


  1. I had Reiki treatments between chemo sessions, both in person and "distance";they are magical! Sometimes there are training centers that provide treatments at no cost to cancer patients. Try a search for "free reiki." Here's one in So. Cal.

  2. I am very is it done by distance?

  3. Reiki promotes healing and general wellness. It is often used as an integrative therapy in the treatment of cancer. Reiki is not alternative medicine, to be used in place of traditional medical treatments. Rather, it is a complementary therapy often integrated with other treatment methods for cancer.