Sunday, February 21, 2010

Florida news anchor inspires marathon runners

Donna Deegan is a TV anchor in Jacksonville.
In the days before my diagnosis I applied for an anchor/reporter job in Jacksonville, Florida. What I did not know at the time, was that same station was home to Donna Deegan, an anchor who really "leads the pack," (the pun is intended) in fighting breast cancer.

A three time survivor, Deegan organized a full length marathon in Jacksonville Beach which supports research at the local Mayo Medical center, and her own charitable foundation. The event is called the 26.2 with Donna: the national marathon to finish breast cancer. The website is

The race, which is winding up as I write, sounds spectacular. While I seriously doubt whether I personally could run that far, the image is inspiring. Deegan's cancer is stage 4, but she is a role model for women across the country fighting the disease.  I really enjoyed reading this profile of her from the Seattle Times.


Here is a link to some of the early coverage of the event.

Here is a link to a wrap up story

Photo from Greg Gilbert/The Seattle Times

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  1. Survivors are absolutely amazing! Thanks for sharing Donna's story with us.