Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Loop List: Looking for Adventure!

One good way to move forward in life is to add a little taste of adventure.

I learned this first hand when I tried snowmobiling after a tough breakup. I was terrified, but the minute I got control of the sled, I felt like a new woman. There are many sports that have special programs to help breast cancer patients recover or to raise funds. Here are a few exciting choices.

O.K. even if you would never consider snowboarding, Boarding 4 Breast Cancer has a fabulous breast cancer awareness website, one of the best I've seen.  It's crisp, contemporary, and upbeat.
I love that they encourage both self exams and an active lifestyle. I found it positively inspiring. Well done ladies.

Another one of my most memorable life experiences was dog sledding. Here is a link to an upcoming dog sledding breast cancer fundraiser. How fun!

You don't need snow to try something new. Fishing program Casting For Recovery has an excellent reputation, and offers adventures free of charge to breast cancer survivors.

I also like the look of this organizations web site, it offers fly fishing programs. They have activities for post-cancer couples, something that is very hard to find.

If you are ready for a big adventure check out this site. Climb to Fight Breast Cancer offers some amazing programs, obviously not all of them are for beginners. Very nicely executed and inspiring web site.

So here's to adventure and making the most of the rest of our lives! Suzanne

What's have you tried? Did I miss anything? Leave your stories and ideas in the comments section!


  1. Hi Suzanne,
    Thanks for all of these ideas and wonderful programs for survivors. Several of my "sisters" have participated in the Casting for Recovery and have loved it. I may try to attend one in the fall. I did attend a Yoga retreat for BC survivors in NY in '07 - it was so relaxing. This is the link for the Libby Ross Foundation. They have another retreat coming up in May in California. http://www.thelibbyrossfoundation.com/


  2. Hester's thoughts on the subject!