Sunday, February 7, 2010

A question for all you breast cancer bloggers

If you never had breast cancer would you still be blogging?
What do you think you would be writing about?
Was bc what got you started writing, or was it always a part of you?
Please reply below!


  1. I have written as a way of processing things in my life for as long as I can remember. I write both personally and professionally.

    I began writing about my breast cancer as a way of keeping family and friends informed about what was going on. People began forwarding what I wrote to others, so although I resisted the idea of blogging initially, I decided to go for it.

  2. When I was diagnosed in 2004, I wasn't a regular blog reader, so the idea of writing a blog about my experience didn't cross my mind. I kept my friends & family updated in e-mails, since I didn't have the strength to talk on the phone most of the time. I joined the blogging community almost a year ago when I was invited to blog regularly with Women of Mystery, a group of talented writers who are members of Sisters in Crime, since I retired from the police dept to spend more time with my family & work on a book.

    Our focus, of course, is on writing, reading, publishing, etc., but some of us have managed to fit in posts about breast cancer. I couldn't pass up the chance to write about my BC experience during October (, especially since I had important information I wanted to share about a form of breast cancer that only 10% of breast cancer patients get (lobular), and the scary news that it is difficult to detect on a mammo and a sono.

    I've been writing my entire life; diaries, songs, poetry, letters, articles, and at work: police reports, crime alerts, wanted profiles, press releases, reward reports, articles; and most recently, memoir, creative nonfiction, essays, flash fiction, and blogging. I didn't realize I'd been in training to become a writer my entire life!

  3. I started my blog for my professional life.... as a journal of my travels to schools and conferences, in an effort to document for myself but also for PR. I have LOVED having the forum to look at my day, as tho I want to share snippets with a reading audience.

    (Keep in mind that probably only a very small handful of folks have read my musings. LOL)

    In any case, I began "documenting" as I had opportunities to meet other BC friends.

    Then came my second diagnosis/recovery and having my blog has given me a chance to share this experience with others..... gradually there have been others who have been reading along.

    I've decided that it's "OK" to mix the two: professional life & BC into the same format. It's 'all' me.

  4. I've been blogging at least ten years. My last blog was about my job as a school secretary. After I wrote something controversial that garnered some attention, I decided I'd better take it down lest I risk my job.

    I was almost happy I got cancer so I'd have something to write about again. :)

    Almost is the operative word in that sentence, of course. :)

  5. Hey ladies thanks for the comments...I think I will try to make it into a post!
    (When my darn hand gets better!)