Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Loop List: Power of Pictures

We were very gratified by the response to Laura's striking and powerful art work, so this week's Loop list is dedicated to artists and photographers.
While "Oncology on Canvas" may not be the most poetic title, this site is fascinating! It has a lot of interesting art work connected to all cancers including breast. If you are an artist they have a variety of competitions and exhibition opportunities. The site also has a unique design.
Peter Doyle is one of the most talented people I have met on twitter, a wedding photographer who is also very active in charity projects.
He is in Haiti this week, but also did a stunning shoot of brides as a breast cancer awareness project. There is a lot to look at on his site, but my favorite thing was this video.
I got a kick out of this is a photo project from Minnesota done as a breast cancer fundraiser. The participants kinda, sorta "take it all off" but it's done in a tasteful and lighthearted way.
Michael D. Colanero's Breast Cancer Awareness Body Painting Project was on of our first stories on Loop, and we have heard from several of the subjects who said it was an empowering and transformative experience. The link above takes you to the final images and merchandise...below is a link to the "behind the scenes" youtube video channel.
This last link takes you to a very unique story from the CBS affiliate in Atlanta about a painting class where women use their breasts to create art. I admit, when I heard that the first time I wasn't sure what to make of it, but the writing and photojournalism is top notch.

So there you of the fun things about working on Loop is seeing the variety of projects raising out there. I hope you enjoy the list as much as I did!
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