Friday, February 19, 2010

A live well lived

Travel writer and breast cancer patient Mary Herczog loved New Orleans, so her friends feel it was appropriate that she passed away on Fat Tuesday.

Herczog, 45, leaves behind a vibrant legacy of writing, in her Los Angeles Times series, her travel books, her website, and her travel site

Since several of her books sit on my shelves, I am sorry to be sharing her work with you on the occasion of her passing. However, if you get a chance to read some of her stuff, it's hard to be too sad. She was truly a joyous soul. Even her posts about her disease were called "Merry Maladies."

For example, her blog post about hospice care also described the tasty cookie she was eating. In her twelve years with bc, she packed in a wonderful array of experiences, and lived a rich life. Earlier this month she was awarded a masters degree in philosophy of theology and religion.

In short, Mary left behind some really valuable lessons for the rest of us, about how to live like you really mean it, cancer be dammed.



  1. Thanks for posting this. I'l always deeply saddened to hear of another loss from cancer. It sounds as though she did a lot in a short life.


  2. This one hit me hard. It was her book I carried though New Orleans,(and Las Vegas too) so I feel like I know her.

  3. Mary was a inspiration to all of us. She kept her love and sense of humor for people through out her journey, she will be missed by all.