Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Know Your Bitter Melons

Too much blogging may have made me "loopy", but after reading today's headlines about bitter melon possibly being a breast cancer fighter I thought, um, what exactly is a bitter melon?

And in the sort of moment journalists love...Voila!
The National Bitter Melon Council has a website. 
My gosh, they even have forums like Bitter Melon Homeopathy for Urban Renewal.

Though I am no scientist, it seems in general fruits and vegetables are good thing to add to your diet, and I am always excited to learn that they may have more benefits than expected.
Here is Memorial Sloan-Kettering's web page on bitter melon.

But most fabulous of all here is a link to a fun video on how to cook with bitter melon! 

Today I am loving the world wide web.

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