Monday, February 1, 2010

Playing the "card"

I love this article from's Kathleen O'Brien on "Playing the cancer card."
My husband had never been camping, and I admit, I did use the "CC" to get him to do it.
Have you done it? Did you feel guilty? When is it the right way to go?
Looking forward to your comments!  Suzanne
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  1. I cannot really differentiate what a "cancer-card" is because I simply have been revisiting the disease throughout my 50+ years on this planet.

    I can say without any hesitation, that I never used my illness as my identity. Oh sure, I may have looked sick, but I sure was not going to let anyone know about it.

    It could be that I was fighting against this insidious monster that seem to plague me. But, I simply was not going to let Mr. Cancer win over my spirit. I refused to have it be my identity no matter how crappy I felt or looked.

    Maybe for some using that "card" (and I have known many that have) is allowing one to give themselves a break. Cancer, any kind for that matter, is tough. You want your hair back, you want those perfect breasts, you want what was taken away.

    I prefer to be disassociated from the beast. I want my identity to be simply me. No cancer patient, no cancer survivor. Just Lorie.

  2. Thanks Lorie for a your gracefully worded comment!